Keep Media Green was founded in February of 2019 to preserve and protect the 45-acre green belt at the western edge of Media Borough, comprised of Glen Providence Park and the adjacent tract

where Broomall's Lake Country Club (BLCC) operates.

Keep Media Green is also working to preserve the 300 block of E. State Street and the Centennial Woods at 115 W. 6th Street, prevent the reconstruction of Broomall's Dam at Third Street, and maximize citizen participation in Media Borough's Open Space, Parks, and Recreation Planning Process.

Our Mission

The mission of Keep Media Green is to

protect and preserve open green space

and the natural environment

in Media, Pennsylvania.

Our Vision

Our vision is a community where public and private policies work to protect and preserve open green space for current and future generations.

Broomall's Dam

What does this have to do with Broomall’s Dam?


Since Keep Media Green is primarily concerned with the preservation of the 45-acre green belt on the western edge of Media Borough, comprised of Glen Providence Park and the adjacent Broomall’s tract, it advocates AGAINST the reconstruction of Broomall’s Dam.


The proposed high hazard dam at Third Street would permanently destroy 1.1 acres on the northern edge of Glen Providence Park because the earthen dam design requires the removal of all the trees, native plants, habitat, wetlands, and trails in order to create a large grassy berm that will be the dam. Furthermore, the existence of a high hazard dam poses an inherent threat to the environment of the park and to the safety of park users, since dam failure can be catastrophic.


Dam reconstruction does not preserve open green space, it degrades the quality of a beautiful natural area in a public park. Finally, the dam itself – paid for with approximately 4 million public tax dollars – would serve no public purpose. The dam and lake will not provide drinking water, generate electricity, or allow for public recreation.

For more details on the history of the Broomall's Dam project, visit Friends of Glen Providence Park.

Third Street

But what about Third Street?


Keep Media Green advocates that Third Street be reopened as a pedestrian and bicycle-only greenway with access for emergency motor vehicles only. Constructing such a bridge over the restored Broomall’s Run creek would reconnect Media Borough with Upper Providence while retaining the area for recreation in the last area of open green space in the Borough.


In the 20 years since that stretch of Third Street was closed to automobile traffic, park users and neighbors have grown to value the quiet beauty of the green space -- and it has coincided with a period of unprecedented economic prosperity for the town. Since the Borough’s 2015 Comprehensive Plan calls for prioritizing open space, parks, and recreation as well as for facilitating pedestrian and bicycle transportation, Keep Media Green believes that a Third Street greenway aligns well with a green vision for Media’s future.

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