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Broomall's Dam 101 Workshop

Saturday, October 26, 2019

10:00 am to 12 Noon

Blue Route Vineyard Church*

425 West Front Street in Media

*Includes field trip/short walk to the site of the proposed dam reconstruction at Third and West Streets in Media.


Do you feel a bit ill-informed about and confused by the proposed reconstruction of Broomall’s Dam and the reestablishment of the Third Street roadway connecting Media and Upper Providence? Or are you wondering what the current status of the project is?

  • When was the original dam built and by whom?

  • Why and when did PA DEP remove the old dam?

  • Are they planning to build a new dam or a bridge or what?

  • What is the purpose of reconstructing the dam?

  • Will reconstructing the dam damage Glen Providence Park?

  • Who is paying for the reconstruction of the dam?

  • Who will own the new dam and be liable for any problems?

  • What about this legal Stipulation between Broomall’s Lake Country Club, Delaware County, and Media Borough?

  • Should it and can it be stopped and a better alternative put in its place?


What’s going on with this dam project, anyway?

Come find out!