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BIG News about Broomall's Dam

At their October 6, 2021 legislative meeting, Delaware County Council announced that they plan to use their lawful municipal authority to take 4.7 acres of the Broomall’s Lake Country Club’s property by eminent domain.

The Council conducted the first reading of Ordinance 2021-10, an act to preserve open space and create new park land in an area immediately adjacent to the 33-acre, county-owned Glen Providence Park. The ordinance (linked in the previous sentence) contains a map of the area being taken by eminent domain.

When the legislative and legal process is completed, the County will own all the land that had been targeted for the reconstruction of Broomall’s Dam. The Country Club will be compensated by the County at fair market value, either through negotiation or by a court-appointed panel.

The Council’s bold action puts the County into a powerful legal position to stop the reconstruction of the proposed high-hazard dam once and for all and to permanently protect the wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife of Glen Providence Park.

The passage of the ordinance will also move our community one step closer to resolving a controversial issue that has entangled Media Borough in a complex legal quagmire for over 40 years.

When our borough’s obligation to rebuild a dam is finally nullified, then Media Borough Council can decide whether or not to use already allocated PennDOT funds to construct a bridge to reconnect Media and Upper Providence at Third Street. The Borough Council will also need to decide whether such a bridge should allow for pedestrian and bicycle traffic only (with the possibility of emergency access for ambulances and fire trucks) or allow for automobile and truck traffic on the parkway.

Stephanie Gaboriault, President of the Friends of Glen Providence Park, spoke in favor of Ordinance 2021-10 during the opening public comment section. Stephanie explained that the park group “had been founded in response to the threat from reconstructing the Broomall’s dam…which would destroy an acre of the park, 76 mature trees, and wetlands…”

Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn, Co-Chairs of Keep Media Green, also pronounced KMG’s full support for Ordinance 2021-10.

Keep Media Green stands with the vast majority of Media residents (88%) who opposed reconstruction of Broomall’s Dam when responding to the borough’s online public opinion poll that was conducted in the winter of 2020-2021.

KMG urges our supporters and all park lovers to attend the October 20th Delaware County Council Meeting, when County Council will conduct a second reading of the ordinance and hold a public hearing to solicit comment from Delaware County Residents.

Save the Date! Plan to Attend.

Delaware County Council Meeting

Public Hearing on Ordinance 2021-10

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

6:00 PM Start Time

Council Public Meeting Room

First Floor of the Government Center Building

201 W. Front Street in Media

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