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  • Terry Rumsey

Canopy Committee & the Media Oak Tree Challenge

Keep Media Green has formed a Canopy Committee, who's charge is to strengthen Media Borough’s Shade Tree program so that it is guided by an explicit vision and a strategic plan based on best practices in ecology and public engagement.

Our first initiative is a proposal for the Shade Tree Commission (STC) and Keep Media Green to partner on a pilot program called the Media Oak Tree Challenge. The purpose of the program is to:

  • increase the number of canopy street trees;

  • highlight the ecological value of native oak trees as a keystone species;

  • explore creative solutions when infrastructure, such as sidewalks, curbs, and overhead wires, interfere with street trees;

  • model proactive community education and engagement efforts; and

  • match the STC budget to the current need.

The Shade Tree Commission has agreed in principal to implement the Media Oak Tree Challenge in 2022, and we are moving forward with the planning of the project. Stay tuned!

Oak Tree Challenge concept paper
Download PDF • 119KB

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