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Borough Council Cuts Backroom Deal with BLCC

Council rescinds the MERC ordinance

In a surprising development, Media Borough Council voted unanimously last night (January 17, 2019) to ratify a legal stipulation with Broomall’s Lake Country Club (BLCC) and to rescind an existing ordinance authorizing the consideration of rezoning the 12-acre Broomall’s tract from Residential (R2-R3) to Municipal, Educational, Recreational, and Community (MERC).

The essence of the deal, as explained by Council President Brian Hall and Solicitor Robert Scott, is that Borough Council agreed to rescind the MERC ordinance in exchange for BLCC’s binding pledge to refrain from filing any additional law suits on the matter against Borough Council and its members.

President Hall and Solicitor Scott refused to reveal any of the details of the agreement, so Keep Media Green is waiting until the document is available for public review before assessing how to respond.

At last night’s Council meeting, we (Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn, Co-Coordinators of Keep Media Green) pointed out that the public had not been informed that Council intended to ratify the legal stipulation at the meeting, that public policy decisions had been made behind closed doors under the cloak of executive session, and that the entire process lacked transparency.

We requested that Council postpone voting to rescind the MERC ordinance until after it conducted an open, public hearing during which residents and stakeholders could share their views on the pros and cons of rezoning the Broomall’s tract.

President Hall rejected the request to hold a public forum and insisted on holding a vote on the motion. After suspending their public discussion and retreating behind closed doors to deliberate in executive session, the Council returned and voted unanimously to ratify the legal stipulation and rescind the MERC ordinance.

As we learn more, we will share information and potential next steps with Keep Media Green supporters.

Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn, Keep Media Green

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