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  • Terry Rumsey

Death Sentence for Centennial Woods

At their June 17, 2021 meeting, Media Borough Council voted 5-2 to approve the development plan to build four luxury houses at 6th Street and Centennial Avenue that will decimate the 1.1 acre Centennial Woods.

Council President Brian Hall made the motion for approval at last evening’s Borough Council meeting. Councilman Paul Robinson seconded the motion. Joining Hall and Robinson, three other Council members, Kevin Boyer, Sayre Dixon, and Peter Williamson, voted YES for approval.

Councilwoman Amy Johnson and Councilwoman Lisa Johnson voted NO.

Amy Johnson praised the engagement and courage of the hundreds of Media residents who had spoken out to save the woods and stated that a plan to build smaller or fewer houses could have saved more trees.

Councilwoman Lisa Johnson cited the recommendations by the Delaware County Planning Commission and Media Borough Planning Commission to deny the developer’s requested waiver for combining preliminary and final plan approval. She also drew attention to the project’s potential for damaging the failing retaining wall protecting townhouses located to the south of 115 W. 6th Street. Importantly, Johnson also expressed her desire to preserve the Centennial Woods.

Keep Media Green would like to thank Amy and Lisa for opposing the development plan and attempting to slow down the rush to take down the woods before winter weather sets in.

Keep Media Green urges our supporters to thank the two Councilwomen also.

Contact us at for their contact information.

Keep Media Green plans to document the destruction of the Centennial Woods through photography and videography, so that our community sees, hears, and feels the consequences of last night’s decision by Media Borough Council.

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