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  • Terry Rumsey

Government of, by, and for developers

At the June 3, 2021 Media Borough Council Workshop meeting, President Brian Hall declared that his intention to ignore the recommendations of both the Delaware County Planning Commission and our own Media Planning Commission regarding the process for fairly reviewing and approving the development plan for the 1.1 acre of woods at Sixth Street and Centennial Avenue.

Hall stated that he will make a motion at the June 17th Legislative Meeting to approve the development plan as a combined “preliminary-final” application that will allow the project to be fast tracked.

Paul Robinson quickly asserted that he would second the motion.

All of the other five Council members were silent, indicating that the motion is likely to pass unanimously.

Now, the developer can begin chain sawing down the Centennial Woods before winter weather impedes the tree slaughter.

During the public comment period, residents opposing the development outnumbered residents favoring the development by ten to one.

The only voices that really mattered were the paid spokespersons for the developer who were allowed to speak for 30 minutes after residents had been warned by President Hall to keep their comments brief.

Last night was a stunning example of how our Borough Council serves as a government of, for, and by developers.

Our town and our environment lost a round last night, but Keep Media Green will keep organizing, mobilizing, and speaking truth to power on behalf of open space and the natural environment.

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