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  • Terry Rumsey

How Can a Chicken Cross the Road? The Decision at Third Street

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Media Borough is under court order to proceed with reconstruction of Broomall's Dam and to open Third Street to two lanes of automotive traffic, but Delaware County's refusal to sign an environmental document required by PennDot saying that the project will not harm the County-owned park has put the project on hold. This rock in the wheel may open the way to a new solution. The Borough is seeking the community's opinion on the dam and traffic issues through this Open Space Survey. The survey closes on February 28, 2021.

Regardless if Media Borough rebuilds a dam with a road on top or opts for building a free-standing bridge to reconnect Media and Upper Providence, the Borough will need to decide what type of traffic will best serve our community on that short stretch of Third Street.

Do we want cars and trucks speeding through our Western neighborhoods and past our park where families bike, hike, and play together?

Or do we prefer pedestrian and bicycle only traffic on a quiet, scenic greenway between Media and Upper Providence?

Third Street has been closed to automobiles and trucks since 1996. During that time, Media experienced unprecedented economic prosperity and evolved into a town where people are as likely to walk and bike to State Street as they are to drive in a car.

Keep Media Green believes that pedestrian-bicycle only traffic is the best choice for the wildlife living in Glen Providence Park, for the individuals and families enjoying the natural respite of the park, and for our neighborhoods.

Now, Media residents have the opportunity to vote in an online public opinion survey on whether they prefer cars and trucks or pedestrians and bicycles only when Third Street is reopened to traffic. For more information on the survey, read our news post: Vote to Save Glen Providence Park. For more information about Broomall's Dam, read our news post: Broomall's Dam 101.

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