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Green Volunteers Needed to Distribute Literature in Media

Educating Neighbors about MERC

Summer vacation is almost over, so Keep Media Green is ready to get out into the neighborhoods to update residents about our campaign to stop any housing development on the 11+ acre Broomall’s tract of open, green space in Western Media.

We need green volunteers to spend a couple of hours distributing educational literature to households in an assigned neighborhood of Media Borough.

Keep Media Green will provide the literature, maps, instructions, and clipboards you’ll need to get the job done.

The literature piece we’re asking you to help distribute will inform our neighbors about:

1. The plan submitted by the tax-exempt Broomall’s Lake Country Club to build 16 housing units on 11+ acres of open space on which the Club is situated.

2. The action taken by Media Borough Council to rezone the Broomall’s tract from Residential (R-2, R-3), which allows for housing construction, to MERC (Municipal, Educational, Recreational, and Community), which would preserve the open, green space while ensuring that the Club could continue to own and operate its recreational facility.

3. The negotiations initiated by Media Borough Council that resulted in an offer by the Borough to make a significant financial payment to Broomall’s Lake Country Club in return for preserving open space (AKA as a conservation easement purchase).

4. The decision by the Club’s leadership to walk away from the negotiations and file a lawsuit against the Borough Council. The Club’s legal action is attempting to prevent rezoning the tract from Residential to MERC and to preserve their option to move forward with a housing development.

If you are interested in helping to volunteer with the literature distribution, contact Terry Rumsey at or call Robin Lasersohn at 484-326-9739.

Let’s work together to Save the Woods of Western Media.

Terry Rumsey and Robin Lasersohn,

Co-Coordinators of Keep Media Green

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