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  • Terry Rumsey

No Referendum, Now What?

August 9th, 2022 was the deadline for Media Borough Council to place an open space referendum question on the local ballot for this November’s General Election.

Our Council let the deadline pass without taking any action.

Our local elected leaders felt justified in ignoring a petition signed by 1,101 residents of Media Borough—23% of our town’s eligible voters.

In 2021, Media Borough Council refused to save the Centennial Woods, then they refused to budget any funds for acquiring open space in 2022, and now they have refused to let the voters have a voice in our town’s open space funding policy. We know that many KMG supporters must be wondering: What now? The Board of Directors of Keep Media Green will be conducting a strategic planning process this fall to answer that challenging question. We will be reaching out to our supporters during the planning process. One thing is for certain, the voters of Media will decide who sits in three seats on Media Borough Council when we go to the polls in the upcoming local elections in May and November of 2023. Fortunately, Media Borough Council does not have the power to shut out voters from our town’s decision-making process in 2023.


Note: Many of you received a letter in the mail from Media Borough Council and/or read the letter in the borough’s July newsletter. The Council attempted to justify their decision to stop you from voting on open space funding policy. KMG encourages you to read their letter here (scroll down to the second article).

We also encourage you to read our six-part series refuting all of Council’s excuses for disempowering Media’s voters. Read it here (scroll down to #1).

If you have questions about any of the issues raised in either document, please contact us:

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