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  • Terry Rumsey

Reason #2

of the Top 5 Reasons to Rezone the Broomall's Tract.

Reason # 2: Borough Council needs to leave some breathing space for the critters who live in Glen Providence Park – and for the residents who use and love the park. If one takes a hike through the entire 33-acre span of Glen Providence Park, an attentive hiker can’t help but notice that Delaware County’s oldest park is now nearly surrounded by housing development. A couple of decades ago, a hiker would have encountered woodlands and meadows on the borders of much of the park. Over the course of the last twenty years, twomid-sized housing developments in Media and one mega, sprawling housing development in Upper Providence have been built on the southeastern, eastern, and western borders of Glen Providence Park. If you’re not a bird, a deer, a fox, a frog, a turtle, a woodchuck, or any other critter living in the neighborhood – or if you’re not a birdwatcher, a dog-walker, a jogger, a hiker, or an adventurous 12-year old kid who shares Glen Providence Park with those critters -- you probably don’t notice or (maybe) much care about the built environments that have swallowed the former buffer zones around the park. We suspect that each one of those housing developments was studied carefully by thoughtful individuals serving on municipal councils, planning commissions, and zoning boards. We concede that the developersdutifully complied with existing building codes and zoning ordinances. We also suspect that no one making decisionsever seriously considered the simple question: What is the impact of the development on the Glen Providence Park ecosystem? It’s now 2019 and the 12-acre Broomall’s tractis the last significant swath of open, green space located on a border of Glen Providence Park. Since Media Borough Council has the power to zone the Broomall’s tract for Residential use (housing development) or Recreational use, Keep Media Green is asking them to consider this simple question:

What is the impact of a potential housing development on the Glen Providence Park ecosystem?

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