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  • Terry Rumsey

Save Centennial Woods

On April 17, 2021, over 100 green-clad, face-masked residents of all ages formed a human chain on a one quarter mile-long green ribbon to “Surround the Centennial Woods with Love.” ​ ​

Starting on West 6th Street at the property line of the 1.1 acre parcel of woods, the green line stretched E to Olive Street, then turned N to West 7th Street, extended W to Centennial Avenue, and ended at the S end of the property line on Centennial Avenue at the complete opposite end of the 1.1 acre woodland. It was an orderly, respectful, and nonviolent Action. ​ ​

After surrounding the Centennial Woods in a demonstration of fidelity to the woods and wildlife, the 100+ crowd of green space lovers then processed down to Media Borough Hall to call on our Borough Council to take action to preserve one of the last significant stands of woods remaining in Media. ​ ​

​Deb Ciamacca, a Media homeowner who was the 2020 Democratic candidate for State Representative in the 168th district, spoke at the closing rally at Borough Hall. She called on Media residents to continue to participate in local democracy to save the Centennial Woods and other green spaces in Media. ​ ​

​Cathy Spahr, a long-time Delaware County environmentalist, then shared her story of purchasing hundreds of copies of Doctor Seuss’s classic children’s conservation book, The Lorax. Over the last decade, Cathy, other parents, and children, have visited state and federal lawmakers and given them copies of The Lorax. Some famous recipients of Seuss’s timeless cautionary tale include Governor Tom Wolf, U.S. Senator Bob Casey, and U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Note: McConnell returned the book, claiming it was an “ethics violation” for him to accept any “gifts” from constituents.

After Cathy’s son, Juilen, read the closing passage of the book, Robin Lasersohn, Co-Chair of Keep Media Green, announced that she had copies of The Lorax for all seven members of Borough Council, the Mayor, and B&G Properties (the developer). ​ ​

​Robin delivered the books and a home-made wall hanging decorated with photographs of the Centennial Woods and many wildlife residents of Media to a locked door at the 4th Street entrance to the Borough’s offices.

Note: Keep Media Green had invited members of Borough Council and the Mayor to be present to accept the books and wall hanging. A few of our elected officials replied to say they had previous engagements; most did not reply. One Council member informed Keep Media Green that he did not accept “gifts” from residents.

More photos and video from the event. ​

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