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  • Terry Rumsey

Spring Hike in Don Guanella Forest

On April 2, 2022, 60 hikers organized by KMG trekked through theDon Guanella Forest in Marple Township to celebrate a historic conservation victory for Delaware County.

Ken Hemphill of Save Marple GreenSpace led the hike and shared the inspiring story of how grassroots citizens had fought for six years and eventually triumphed over deep-pocketed developers with their armies of attorneys, engineers, and lobbyists.

In 2021, Delaware County Council used their power of eminent domain to take the property and save it from a planned commercial and housing development. The former owners will be paid fair market value, while the people of Delaware County and generations to come will profit from the natural value of a 213-acre park, including 180 acres of forest.

Ann Toole of Toole Recreation and members of her team addressed hikers during a scheduled rest break and explained about their County contract to engage residents in developing a Master Plan for Delaware County's newest and largest park.

Children, teenagers, and young adults joined elders who were young-at-heart for two hours of hiking on trails, crossing streams, and communing with the forest, including with some trees more than 200 years old.

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