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  • Terry Rumsey

Wall to Wall Green in Council Chambers

A standing room only crowd wearing green erupted into thunderous applause when Abbie Wysor of Keep Media Green delivered 555 petition signatures of Borough residents to President Brian Hall at Thursday night’s Media Borough Council meeting.

The petition presented to President Hall called on Borough Council to rezone the Broomall’s tract from Residential to Recreational (Municipal, Educational, Recreational, and Community – MERC) in order to prevent any possibility of a housing development being constructed on those 12 acres adjacent to Glen Providence Park. More than a dozen residents then took their turn at the microphone to urge Council members to listen to the people of Media and preserve the Broomall’s tract as open, green space.

Our speakers were articulate, eloquent, and passionate. And our message was heard! Councilwomen Lisa Johnson and Amy Johnson eachthanked those in attendance for their activecitizenship and assured them that they had beenlistening closely to the voices in the room. President Brian Hall, acknowledging the green tint of the unusually large audience, rearranged the order of the agenda to address the concerns being expressed. He asked Councilman Peter Williamsonto present his proposal to create an Open Space Planfor Media that would include consideration of thezoning status of the Broomall’s tract.

After Councilman Williamson explained the goals and objectives of his plan, the full Council unanimously passed his motion to advertise an RFP (Request for Proposal) for a consultant to lead a process for developing the town’s Open Space Plan. Keep Media Green understands that we have miles to go before we claim victory, but we took a giant stepin that direction on Thursday evening. THANK YOU to the many dozens of residents who came out to the Council meeting and wore green to send a powerful visual message of support forpreserving open, green space in our town.

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